Wednesday, 23 May 2007

I've Been Tagged ...........

.............. by Karen to give 8 Random Facts about myself. She wanted Mum to do it to, so we have had to think very hard.

8 Random Facts about Billy

  1. My proper name is Badger but it gradually changed to Billy Badger. Mostly I get called Billy but also answer to Billy the B, Billster, William (I mostly get called this when I'm being naughty!) and Badgkin (which is highly embarrassing, but that's Mums for you!).

  2. I was born with an undershot jaw, which means that my top jaw is shorter than the bottom, when it should be the other way round. My vet calls me a little character and children have been heard to say to their parents 'Look at that dog mummy, he's smiling at me.' I am proud to be different and feel that it makes me unique - and even more handsome.

  3. One of my favourite treats is pineapple chunks and cream, I don't think it's very good for dogs so I don't get it very often. But pineapple is a fruit and fruit can't be that bad. Can it?

  4. I am not allowed to eat chocolate as it is very bad for dogs. It has an enzyme that dogs can't digest and it could make me VERY poorly.

  5. I have a bow tie collection. So far I have a black one for special occasions, a Simpson's one, a South Park one, a Taz one and a Tweetie Pie one. Of course I look handsome in all of them. You never know one day I may model them for you.

  6. I don't like the sun much. Little Mummy loves it and spends ages lying out in the garden, I prefer the shade and being inside on my sofa.

  7. I have a full time job in household security. I take my responsibilities very seriously and even though I am not a large dog I have a very intimidating bark.

  8. I have a bit of a thing about blonde Afghans (ladies of course), and hope to meet one someday. I have mentioned that any lady Afghans out there are welcome to send me pictures, but so far none have arrived. Delayed in the post no doubt.

Well that's me done, now over to Mum. Her's won't be so interesting of course.

  1. I love horses and have dreamed of owning one of my own since being young. I rode a lot when I was younger but then life sort of got in the way and I haven't ridden for ages. I'm still dreaming though! My dad was a big influence in this as he was a cavalry officer in his younger days and always loved horses.

  2. I studied dressmaking, design and pattern cutting at college. Some of it was very exact using Haute Couture methods and some was sling it together factory methods. I got so fed up of sewing that I've hardly done any since.

  3. I love all sorts of crafts and my claim to fame is that I demonstrated Cathedral Window Patchwork, Lacemaking (with bobbins), Macrame and Hairpin Crochet at our county show in the craft marquee! It was an extremely hot day so it was boiling hot in there and to add to the discomfort there was a blacksmith demonstrating not far away. Why they didn't put him outside I don't know!!! I also enjoy cardmaking and cross stitch but haven't done much of either for a while, especially the cross stitch, as knitting has taken over recently.

  4. I like to drool over Jon Bon Jovi, Patrick Swayze and Kurt Russell. In no particular order. I also have a soft spot for a certain pirate named Jack!!

  5. I work as a Year One Teaching Assistant at our local Primary School, with children age 6. It is very rewarding and the classteacher I work with is fantastic and we get on really well.

  6. I have a son of almost 25 who is a radiographer and my partner and I recently adopted two children, a girl and a boy. One of the reasons why my spare time has dwindled recently!

  7. Our house is about a five minute walk from the sea. I feel I am very lucky to live so close and apart from living out in the country I wouldn't want to move far. I was born in Nottingham but wouldn't want to go back there, or to any other town. I have a moan about the lack of decent shops sometimes (mostly LYS') but on the whole am happy where I am.

  8. Currently there are 11 animals in our house!!!!! I have always had pets from being very young and am a soft touch for waifs and strays. At the moment there are the three dogs, Billy, T.J and George. A rabbit named Lightening Jack. The children's mice, Angelina and Fifi. My parrot Jordy (I say mine because he doesn't like anyone else and only lets me handle him). Then there is Scooter the brain damaged starling who flew into a window when he was a baby, Fidget the sparrow who found his way into our house when he was a baby, and decided to stay. Last but not least are two teeny baby sparrows who have been found by other people and brought to me because they know a) I wouldn't turn them away and b) because I've raised baby birds before. One of them found it's way into school and got totally disorientated. The other was found stuck in a fence being attacked by other birds.
Well there you go, hope they're not too boring. Hopefully Mum will have some pictures to post soon. Next week she is on holiday so she will have some spare time.

I've tagged Knitbert, Rachel and Libbysmom so far.

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Libbysmom said...

Billy Badger, you should come see the baby doves I have. They are So cute.