Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Ssshh..........exciting news!

I can't say too much at the moment, but something very exciting is underway. As soon as I can, I will post details, at the moment it is very hush hush.

PS The Billy snacks are not exactly arriving by the bucketload!!!!

Monday, 26 November 2007

Sorry Buster but I have another cyber mate........and he's a dog!

I'd like to introduce you to my new cyber mate, Lord Spudlington, or Spud to his mates. He is only two so I am going to set a good example to him. At this point, if I had emotes available I would insert the rofl one (Rolls On Floor Laughing). I don't think I have set a good example to anyone yet. I'm not a good example setting type of dog. As you can see from the picture below he has longer legs than me which can only be an advantage if we ever go on expeditions together. As I see it he can go for the table high stuff and I'll do the groundwork. As you have probably gathered, by expeditions I mean any occasion where food is involved, ie weddings and parties etc.

I would like to point out that he hasn't had an erotic experience lately (see an earlier post) so is not as streamlined as me. However, he is a very outdoorsy dog, and does need to keep warm.

You may be thinking that as an outdoorsy dog he is not as pampered as myself. Ha, ha, take a look at the pic below he is just as daft enjoys his comfort just as much as I do. Which is understandable with the big peeps we have to look out for. I think Spud and I should get together over a steak dinner one day and compare notes. Owning a person is not as easy at it looks you know!!!!

Spud has his own website with loads of photographs of him that his Dad took, you can visit it at http://www.spudlington.co.uk/

His Dad has a website too at http://www.bbdl.co.uk/ which is well worth a visit because Spud's dad is a photographer and has lots of cool photo's on there.

So, Spud is nearly as famous as me!!

(For those of you who have read my blog for a while and know of my other cyber mate Buster Auntie Kazza's visiting cat, do not worry. I have room for more than one friend in my life (even though he is a cat)! )

Jeepers, Creepers .......

......where d'ya get those peepers.

My eyes are deep pools of mystery and, as such, come in very handy. This is because they are hypnotic and I have found that if I gaze adoringly at Mum for long enough I usually get what I want. This, as you can imagine, comes in very useful. Especially when it involves food!!!!
After a few minutes of my best meercat style of sitting, whilst looking extremely handsome I have to say, even the most hard hearted person has been known to crumble.

I have included a close-up pic so as you get the full force of my stare.

So, any of you out there who would like to send parcels of Billy snacks, please leave a comment and I'll be in touch.

Thanking you in anticipation.

The Billster.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

In Memory of my Little Mummy

Princess Tessica Jayne aka TJ 1990-2007

Hello everyone, this is a very hard post for me to write. We have another reason for remembering Remembrance Day because very sadly my Little Mummy passed away.

Little Mummy was 17 yrs old and we knew she was getting very frail but it was still a very big shock and there is a big hole in my life now, and in Big Mummy's.

Little Mummy was a princess and she will be very sadly missed. I was very lost for the first few days but I have had lots of cuddles from Big Mummy and she has had lots of cuddles from me, we have helped each other. Little Mummy was in this house when I came to live here and so it is very difficult because she had always been around. George is missing her too and although he always used to try and sneak in her bed (even though it is far too small for him) he won't go in it now.

TJ was a very independent dog and would only do something if she wanted to. My Mum taught her to sit but that was about it. She loved climbing and when she was younger would climb up behind my Mum on stepladders. She also had a go at the apple tree one day. TJ was a little dog with a very big personality, and I take after her. She will always be in our hearts and thoughts. We will miss her very, very much.

We are all very sad and upset and it has taken my Mum and I a while to write this post. Our family is having more than it's share of bad times at the moment.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Remembrance Sunday

Photograph kindly provided by Originals by R. Gough http://www.bbdl.co.uk/

Please listen to these and remember all those who have died in wars.

Lest we forget.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

An Erotic Experience

This is an x-rated post, and as such should only be read by those of you who are over errrrrmm 10!!

I had a clip today. Have you ever had a clip? Because as experiences go that rates very highly.

Well it does in my book! You may have other ideas of what constitutes an erotic experience -please don't leave comments - I am young and impressionable. Plus I'm a dog and I can't read so it would be a waste of your time.

Anyway, I digress, my hair was getting a bit wild and woolly and when it get likes that I look as though I have gained a few pounds, which is not good. Mum noticed my discomfort, she's good like that (I am) and got the the clippers out. At this point I got very excited and started jumping about and looking extremely happy.

Mum put the No. 2 attachment on and we were good to go. You would not believe how good I am when I'm being clipped. The sensation of the clippers going along my back is very soothing, I just stand there and enjoy the experience. When Mum has finished I nudge her to ask her to go over me again, even if it's not cutting any hair off !

Unfortunately my hair doesn't grow that fast and so I am thinking of investing in a bottle of hair tonic. I figure that if I bath in it every day (yes I know a bath everyday will be a struggle!) I will need a clip every week wooooooo hooooooooo!!!!!

After my clip I am back to my usual self. Just sad the clip is over but glad to be looking like a racing snake again, ie slim in the hips and slinky!!!!!!!

Me relaxing in my muscle vest.

Power to dogs!!!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The Billster is Back .........

............cue fanfare of trumpets and other triumphant celebrations!!

However, all is not as it was in my household, certain personal events have kept my Mum away from the keyboard and her knitting. Whilst she is now back typing for me her knitting needles remain idle.

Therefore my blog may have a different look for a while until she gets back into the swing of things.

Although I was always very important in my Mum's life I am now even more so and she has another name for me.

I am her main man!!!

I know this because when she gives me a cuddle, which, I have to say is quite often (well who could resist quite frankly), she says 'Billster you're my main man!' Sometimes she says Badgkin, but we'll gloss over that embarrassment!!
On the subject of resisting me, there is still a distinct lack of interest from blond, lady Afghans. I cannot fathom this at all as I am, as you know, extremely handsome and debonair (in a sort of rakish, devil-may-care sort of way). I model myself on Captain Jack Sparrow but as yet do not seem to have had his success with the ladies. Their loss is all I have to say!!

Little Mummy and George send their love. Little Mummy is getting very doddery now and is mostly blind and deaf. She sleeps for even loooooooonger but can still sort me out should I get too cheeky with her, she is still as beautiful as ever. George is my best mate and assistant in security, his bark does come in useful. Why have a dog and bark yourself, that's my opinion!!!!!

The tiddlypeeps are also well and my girl goes to big school next year. They are both practising for the X Factor competition at school but to be honest I can sing better than both of them! I don't hold out much hope of the prize money coming their way, but it's the taking part that counts. Which is all well and good if only they would practise somewhere else................like down the far end of the beach!!!!!!!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Back to the Main Man

Mmmmmm! Ponders deeply!

Shall I forgive Mum or not?

How many doggy munchies will it take to appease my anger?

Is this going to be a frequent occurance?

Answers in a later post, I think I'll keep her dangling for a bit!!


Sorry Billy B and everyone out there, I have hi-jacked Billy's blog completely this time. The whole post is mine......all mine.

As I have a lot to show you I thought this would be the easiest way. I know that BB is a pretty amazing dog, but all this is knitting related, and so to block out the scathing remarks, little sneers and sniggers ( I have to type EXACTLY what he says you know) I thought I would take this dangerous route and live with the consequences!!!

Firstly, following a request from Kazza, I have taken some pictures of my progress on the Scotch Thistle Stole. I am really enjoying knitting this and after pinning it out slightly for the photographs, am even more pleased by the way it is looking. I think it will look pretty amazing when it is properly blocked, even if I do say so myself. I love the colours (Lorna's Laces Purple Iris) and am very impatient to get it finished, but as usual time and other unfinished projects are not on my side.

Next, my latest book purchases. Whilst on my usual round of blog reading I came across The Shetland Triangle shawl from Wrap Style, thank you Lara.
Also I came across the Counterpane Carpet Bag from Handknit Holidays, thanks to Rachel. Both very clever ladies and prolific knitters, they put my limited efforts to shame.

I found both of the books on Amazon and unfortunately my '1 click' order option was turned on. Wouldn't you know it, I only caught it accidentally! Well, actually I caught it twice by accident but as they were so close together it only counts as one, doesn't it? Before I could register what had happened they were both being delivered to my address!

These photographs of the Shetland Triangle haven't come out that brilliantly but if you check out Lara's finished projects there are some lovely pics of her daughter modelling the one she knitted. I now have to learn how to knit from a chart, any helpful suggestions appreciated.

The Counterpane Carpet Bag.
I think when I do it I will do it shorter than this, the pattern does give you that option. There is also a matching purse. I think that is what Rachel is doing, I love her choice of Noro Kureyon #95.

I also love these two, Evergreen Shawl on the left and Wisconsin Winter Stole on the right. My mum would find either of those useful I think.

If you read Billy's Stashing Up post you will know that I had just discovered Elann and placed an order. Well the Super Kydd arrived in less than a week from Canada! How good is that? I will definitely visit that site again. The price was very good considering I had to pay shipping, cheaper than some things I've had from within the UK.
I ordered Blue Mist and the colour is more grey than blue, but still lovely. I only have one problem now.

Originally I was going to use it for the Leaf and Acorn scarf, a free pattern from Elann (one of the many) see left. However the Knitty Summer mag is out YIPPEE!!!! So obviously I had to check it out didn't I? So I did, and I found this, above right and below. It's called Wisp and I love that too so now I might do that with my Super Kydd as I think it will be an easier 'pick up and put down' sort of knit. Decisions, decisions.

Well there you go. A whole Billyless post. I hope you forgive me Billster and can see why I did it. Hopefully some doggy munchies will pour oil on troubled waters and all will be peace in the household.
Until the next time that is!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

My Garden in Early Summer

Hello everyone (especially Kazza and Buster). We've just had a lovely sunny day so Mum took some more pictures of the garden, I just happened to be passing so got in on the act. I think I look very happy in this picture, and you know what, I was! I like days when Mum is at home and not at work. Plus look how quickly I got her to post!

Little Mummy wandered out and promptly fell asleep, she does that a lot lately, especially out in the sun (it's her age). It gets a bit embarrassing when she starts snoring! The Tiddlypeeps were still at school so she was able to have a long sleep and a bit of peace. I hope I look as good as that when I'm sixteen.

It's all right for some but I couldn't relax for long because I have my regular perimeter patrols and checks to do. If you look carefully you can see me checking out the undergrowth for intruders. I think this part of the garden needs some attention. I'll have to mention it to Mum.

There's a man that sits in my garden, he's been there ages and hasn't moved. Mum says his name is Buddha and he's meditating. Bit odd if you ask me. Still he looks quite good, sat there in amongst the bushes. I sometimes go and sit near him in hopes he'll have a chat but no luck so far. Mind you he's a bit foreign looking so maybe he can't speak English as well as me.

These are some of Mum's herbs, the Sage flowers are quite pretty and one of Mum's favourite colours, she likes blue and purple best.

Now for some Foxgloves (never seen a fox wearing them though!) Mum took some pictures from a distance and some close ups to show the detail on the flowers, she likes Foxgloves, so do the bees.

Well, there you go. What do you think?

My garden isn't like one of those on that gardening programme on the TV. It's a bit haphazard and usually not very tidy. But you know what, that's just how I like it. It's a place for the Tiddlypeeps to play, Little Mummy to sleep, George and me to chase cats (sorry Buster), and Mum, Dad and and the Grandpeeps to relax (?). It's also an excellent place for barbecues, now that sounds like a good idea!

'Mum I could go a couple of sausages!'

Monday, 11 June 2007

Throw Me a Lifeline

This is just a quickie extra post to report on the knitting weekend!

Well, Mum started off okay. Ignored the dusting, did cook (mainly because then she could spend money on yarn, see post below, rather than takeaway) and also did a few (6 actually) loads of washing.

Then she settled down to knit.

Enter little Knitting Gremlin (so Mum says) who decided to help with a row, making Mum end up with less stitches than she should have had. A bit of tinking and no luck later she had to frog it all....................................................................................................................
back to the LIFELINE that she had put in!

Hooray for lifelines! (Mum interrupting MY blog again!)

Obviously she has learnt her lesson (see earlier post The House of Flying Knitting Needles for those of you who are unaware of my brush with death) and was very relieved as the lifeline wasn't that far back and it saved her the disaster of the Forest Canopy incident.

However due to this incident Mum didn't get quite as much done as she would have liked but is being philosophical about it and realising it could have been worse!

I never did find that Knitting Gremlin and that is bothering me!
How did he get past security!

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Stashing Up!

Mum has found a new yarn site Handpainted Yarn it's in Uruguay see info below.

Working closely with a cooperative of women in rural Uruguay we produce
wonderful handspun hand dyed yarn in inspiring colours. We also kettle dye soft
Merino roving for felting or spinning. Super soft Merino yarns, sophisticated
Novelty yarns, soft and fluffy Boucle yarn and various Himalayan fibers complete
our catalogue, great for the beginner or experienced knitter.
She bought this, hopefully for Queen of the Waves, she says it is like a summer sky (puts paws over eyes and shakes head)! I think she's lost it!

The site has been added to her favourites list of yarn shops, this is now so long it dangles off the bottom of the computer screen when she opens the folder!!!

Then she went to Elann (another on the fave list) and bought this Elann Super Kydd in Ice Blue to knit this Leaf and Acorn scarf. Bit of a 'blue' thing going on here methinks.

Of course these are only pictures from the sites so when the actual yarn comes Mum will post more pics.

She found Elann when she was visiting Glenna C. Mum says it is an amazing site with loads of free patterns and fantastic deals on yarn (that's all the excuse she needs to add to the growing yarn mountain in her knitting cupboard) she's been 'window shopping' for quite a while. Not that I'm bothered, it gave me the chance to catch up on some sleep, Dad's on nights and I'm in charge.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Mum's in a Knitting Desert

That's what she says anyway. I think it's because she hasn't had time to knit for nearly a fortnight and she's not very happy about it. Apparently this weekend she is going to KNIT and leave the house to gather dust.
Good job I enjoy a bowlful of Chinese takeaway because it looks like that is what we'll be having. Look what I found lying around.

Mum was reading Glenna C's blog and found this site, she says it has loads of free patterns. I just rolled my eyes because all I need is Mum buying yet more yarn. That means less money for doggy munchies. No wonder I have to fall back on Chinese!

The Tiddlypeeps are going to the Grandpeeps tomorrow so I am going to catch up on my sleep. It's not easy having to entertain them by playing throw the ball. Do you know the amount of times I have to race up the garden to fetch it back for them so that they can throw it again. No wonder I have such short legs, I'm probably wearing them out.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Spring in my Garden

I know that it's now Summer but it was Spring when Mum took these pictures, she's a bit slow at getting things posted sometimes!

As she is now thinking of taking some photographs of early Summer in my garden I thought you had better see the Spring ones first! I will try and take her in paw and get her to post things more quickly but it is not easy.

A shy little violet!

Apple blossom.

Something called Bridal Shower, I don't know the posh name! It is very pretty though.

Mum has now inherited a half finished pair of Little Bitty socks from her mum who started them and lost patience as they were a bit fiddly. This was a bit of a surprise to me as Nan used to knit for England, not really you understand, but she couldn't half knit-and read-and watch TV, all at the same time!!!!! She's nearly ninety now so I think her eyes get a bit tired sometimes. Anyway, Mum has cheated a bit and put a progress bar up for them that says 50% but she hasn't done the first sock, she's just got to do the second!

Saturday, 2 June 2007

A Pirates Life For Me

Last night Mum and Co. went to see this at the cinema. They went out to eat Chinese first and then to see the film.


This was most unfair as I am a BIG Jack Sparrow fan, sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow. Mum said that dogs are not allowed in the restaurant or the cinema. I think that these rules need changing because now I have to wait ages before it comes out on DVD.

Everyone is talking about bits of the film and I feel i have missed out.

Dogs of the world unite and demand that we are allowed into cinemas and Chinese restaurants!!!!

Friday, 1 June 2007

At Last........Some Knitting!!!!

I have eventually 'Badgered' Mum into posting pictures of the finished and blocked Forest Canopy Shawl, only a few weeks late!

The almost complete view.

A bit of detail.

The edging detail.

Here it is being modelled by my girl Tiddlypeep!

Mum was also persuaded to post these pictures of her Feather and Fan scarf. Which isn't really as it should be! The fourth row of the pattern should be a knit row to give a ridge on the right side but Mum did a purl row instead. It still looks ok though.

Another picture of the detail. Mum says she likes the way it worked out with more solid bands of colour at the edges and a more variegated look in the centre panel. I think this was more luck than judgement.

Another modelled shot. It's going to cost me a fortune in modelling fees. At the moment I'm keeping quiet and hoping she doesn't twig on that models don't work for nothing.

That's two presents completed unless Mum decides to keep them!

A Very Sad Day

On Wednesday Mum woke up to find that Harry had died during the night. She was very, very upset because he had been absolutely fine the previous evening. He had his milk, had a hop round the living room floor and snuggled on her knee as usual. He went to sleep in his box, underneath his security blanket (that smelt of Mum) to keep the light out and all was well. So she has no idea what happened. Maybe it was because he was so young, but he was feeding well and seemed very active and curious, as usual. He knew Mum and always made his way over to her, especially in the morning when he had his first feed. She fed him sat in bed (he woke up about 5 o'clock) and when she put him on the duvet he would climb over to snuggle under her chin.

Here is a picture of Harry in my girl Tiddlypeeps hands, you can see how small he was.

Here he is sat on the floor on his security blanket.

We will all miss Harry very much, especially Mum because she spent a lot of time with him, feeding him and looking after him.

Then we came downstairs and Mum noticed that Piglet wasn't very well either. He and Jack Sparrow had become good friends and snuggled up together in their nest or on a branch. Piglet didn't want any breakfast which was unusual and he deteriorated as the morning went on. He died at lunchtime in Mum's hands.

Here is Piglet perched on Mum's finger.

We buried Harry and Piglet together in the back garden. Mum and the Tiddleypeeps put some flowers on their box. Dad and my boy Tiddlypeep dug a hole for them. It was a very sad time.

It is very difficult to rear wild animals all you can do is try your best and give them the best care you can. At least Harry and Piglet had a better chance than they would have had if left to fend for themselves.

Now Mum has to concentrate on Jack because he has lost his friend.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

A Little Extra Fact

Post script to Mum's No.8. Last night someone brought her an orphaned baby rabbit. She has to feed it special milk from the vets from a little dropper. He/she hasn't got a name yet because Mum says names just come when you get to know their personality. The baby sparrows are now known as Jack (Sparrow) after my hero from the films, and Piglet because he needs feeding so often and eats loads!

I will let you know the rabbit's name when he/she gets one. Mum is beginning to wonder if it is a hare not a rabbit because of the way it moves. So watch this space!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

I've Been Tagged ...........

.............. by Karen to give 8 Random Facts about myself. She wanted Mum to do it to, so we have had to think very hard.

8 Random Facts about Billy

  1. My proper name is Badger but it gradually changed to Billy Badger. Mostly I get called Billy but also answer to Billy the B, Billster, William (I mostly get called this when I'm being naughty!) and Badgkin (which is highly embarrassing, but that's Mums for you!).

  2. I was born with an undershot jaw, which means that my top jaw is shorter than the bottom, when it should be the other way round. My vet calls me a little character and children have been heard to say to their parents 'Look at that dog mummy, he's smiling at me.' I am proud to be different and feel that it makes me unique - and even more handsome.

  3. One of my favourite treats is pineapple chunks and cream, I don't think it's very good for dogs so I don't get it very often. But pineapple is a fruit and fruit can't be that bad. Can it?

  4. I am not allowed to eat chocolate as it is very bad for dogs. It has an enzyme that dogs can't digest and it could make me VERY poorly.

  5. I have a bow tie collection. So far I have a black one for special occasions, a Simpson's one, a South Park one, a Taz one and a Tweetie Pie one. Of course I look handsome in all of them. You never know one day I may model them for you.

  6. I don't like the sun much. Little Mummy loves it and spends ages lying out in the garden, I prefer the shade and being inside on my sofa.

  7. I have a full time job in household security. I take my responsibilities very seriously and even though I am not a large dog I have a very intimidating bark.

  8. I have a bit of a thing about blonde Afghans (ladies of course), and hope to meet one someday. I have mentioned that any lady Afghans out there are welcome to send me pictures, but so far none have arrived. Delayed in the post no doubt.

Well that's me done, now over to Mum. Her's won't be so interesting of course.

  1. I love horses and have dreamed of owning one of my own since being young. I rode a lot when I was younger but then life sort of got in the way and I haven't ridden for ages. I'm still dreaming though! My dad was a big influence in this as he was a cavalry officer in his younger days and always loved horses.

  2. I studied dressmaking, design and pattern cutting at college. Some of it was very exact using Haute Couture methods and some was sling it together factory methods. I got so fed up of sewing that I've hardly done any since.

  3. I love all sorts of crafts and my claim to fame is that I demonstrated Cathedral Window Patchwork, Lacemaking (with bobbins), Macrame and Hairpin Crochet at our county show in the craft marquee! It was an extremely hot day so it was boiling hot in there and to add to the discomfort there was a blacksmith demonstrating not far away. Why they didn't put him outside I don't know!!! I also enjoy cardmaking and cross stitch but haven't done much of either for a while, especially the cross stitch, as knitting has taken over recently.

  4. I like to drool over Jon Bon Jovi, Patrick Swayze and Kurt Russell. In no particular order. I also have a soft spot for a certain pirate named Jack!!

  5. I work as a Year One Teaching Assistant at our local Primary School, with children age 6. It is very rewarding and the classteacher I work with is fantastic and we get on really well.

  6. I have a son of almost 25 who is a radiographer and my partner and I recently adopted two children, a girl and a boy. One of the reasons why my spare time has dwindled recently!

  7. Our house is about a five minute walk from the sea. I feel I am very lucky to live so close and apart from living out in the country I wouldn't want to move far. I was born in Nottingham but wouldn't want to go back there, or to any other town. I have a moan about the lack of decent shops sometimes (mostly LYS') but on the whole am happy where I am.

  8. Currently there are 11 animals in our house!!!!! I have always had pets from being very young and am a soft touch for waifs and strays. At the moment there are the three dogs, Billy, T.J and George. A rabbit named Lightening Jack. The children's mice, Angelina and Fifi. My parrot Jordy (I say mine because he doesn't like anyone else and only lets me handle him). Then there is Scooter the brain damaged starling who flew into a window when he was a baby, Fidget the sparrow who found his way into our house when he was a baby, and decided to stay. Last but not least are two teeny baby sparrows who have been found by other people and brought to me because they know a) I wouldn't turn them away and b) because I've raised baby birds before. One of them found it's way into school and got totally disorientated. The other was found stuck in a fence being attacked by other birds.
Well there you go, hope they're not too boring. Hopefully Mum will have some pictures to post soon. Next week she is on holiday so she will have some spare time.

I've tagged Knitbert, Rachel and Libbysmom so far.

Friday, 11 May 2007

If You Want a Job Doing Well, Do It Yourself !

Seeing as I didn't post a picture of myself yesterday I thought I would just pop this one on to show you what I have been up to.
Only having to lend a paw to the fence building, that's all! Just holding the post up while the builder sees if it's level. Good job I've got more muscles than a Bulldog!
Obviously I work out and look after myself. My body is a temple! (If you believe that you believe anything).

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Purple Iris and River

Just look at what the postman delivered this morning, Mum's Lorna's Laces Purple Iris wool for the Scotch Thistle (bottom) and some more Lorna's Laces (shade River) that must have jumped into the shopping cart! There was also a Get Knitted pen and some Parma Violets in the parcel, (Mum has now eaten those). Mum is buying the River, I'd better say that in case Dad thinks he's bought that too.

More close up pics for those of you who drool over yarn,

and another close up. Mum says thanks to Kazza for helping her decide on the colour.

Now the River, mmmm, wonder why Mum bought this, what has she got in mind?

More River!!

Hope that is enough for all you yarn junkies out there.

I hope you have noticed that I did not pose for these pics as I have been far too busy on patrol due to the builders. Today they have taken a wobbly wall down and are putting up a fence, therefore my garden is exposed and there is a danger that I may escape!

Who am I kidding! Do you really think I would want to escape? My life is very cushy and I am not about to hit the streets, it's a jungle out there!