Friday, 1 June 2007

A Very Sad Day

On Wednesday Mum woke up to find that Harry had died during the night. She was very, very upset because he had been absolutely fine the previous evening. He had his milk, had a hop round the living room floor and snuggled on her knee as usual. He went to sleep in his box, underneath his security blanket (that smelt of Mum) to keep the light out and all was well. So she has no idea what happened. Maybe it was because he was so young, but he was feeding well and seemed very active and curious, as usual. He knew Mum and always made his way over to her, especially in the morning when he had his first feed. She fed him sat in bed (he woke up about 5 o'clock) and when she put him on the duvet he would climb over to snuggle under her chin.

Here is a picture of Harry in my girl Tiddlypeeps hands, you can see how small he was.

Here he is sat on the floor on his security blanket.

We will all miss Harry very much, especially Mum because she spent a lot of time with him, feeding him and looking after him.

Then we came downstairs and Mum noticed that Piglet wasn't very well either. He and Jack Sparrow had become good friends and snuggled up together in their nest or on a branch. Piglet didn't want any breakfast which was unusual and he deteriorated as the morning went on. He died at lunchtime in Mum's hands.

Here is Piglet perched on Mum's finger.

We buried Harry and Piglet together in the back garden. Mum and the Tiddleypeeps put some flowers on their box. Dad and my boy Tiddlypeep dug a hole for them. It was a very sad time.

It is very difficult to rear wild animals all you can do is try your best and give them the best care you can. At least Harry and Piglet had a better chance than they would have had if left to fend for themselves.

Now Mum has to concentrate on Jack because he has lost his friend.

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