Tuesday, 12 June 2007

My Garden in Early Summer

Hello everyone (especially Kazza and Buster). We've just had a lovely sunny day so Mum took some more pictures of the garden, I just happened to be passing so got in on the act. I think I look very happy in this picture, and you know what, I was! I like days when Mum is at home and not at work. Plus look how quickly I got her to post!

Little Mummy wandered out and promptly fell asleep, she does that a lot lately, especially out in the sun (it's her age). It gets a bit embarrassing when she starts snoring! The Tiddlypeeps were still at school so she was able to have a long sleep and a bit of peace. I hope I look as good as that when I'm sixteen.

It's all right for some but I couldn't relax for long because I have my regular perimeter patrols and checks to do. If you look carefully you can see me checking out the undergrowth for intruders. I think this part of the garden needs some attention. I'll have to mention it to Mum.

There's a man that sits in my garden, he's been there ages and hasn't moved. Mum says his name is Buddha and he's meditating. Bit odd if you ask me. Still he looks quite good, sat there in amongst the bushes. I sometimes go and sit near him in hopes he'll have a chat but no luck so far. Mind you he's a bit foreign looking so maybe he can't speak English as well as me.

These are some of Mum's herbs, the Sage flowers are quite pretty and one of Mum's favourite colours, she likes blue and purple best.

Now for some Foxgloves (never seen a fox wearing them though!) Mum took some pictures from a distance and some close ups to show the detail on the flowers, she likes Foxgloves, so do the bees.

Well, there you go. What do you think?

My garden isn't like one of those on that gardening programme on the TV. It's a bit haphazard and usually not very tidy. But you know what, that's just how I like it. It's a place for the Tiddlypeeps to play, Little Mummy to sleep, George and me to chase cats (sorry Buster), and Mum, Dad and and the Grandpeeps to relax (?). It's also an excellent place for barbecues, now that sounds like a good idea!

'Mum I could go a couple of sausages!'

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Kazza said...

Hello Badgkin! Im sorry I havent said hello for a while, but I havent been round to Mommy Karen's for a few days because of the rain, I dont like getting my paws wet. I just wanted to say your garden looks lovely. When Mommy Karen moves house she is going to take up gardening, she wants a veggie patch, a herb garden and lots of lovely flowers. I dont know if I am going to move house with her yet, I havent decided. Take care, love Buster xxx