Friday, 8 June 2007

Mum's in a Knitting Desert

That's what she says anyway. I think it's because she hasn't had time to knit for nearly a fortnight and she's not very happy about it. Apparently this weekend she is going to KNIT and leave the house to gather dust.
Good job I enjoy a bowlful of Chinese takeaway because it looks like that is what we'll be having. Look what I found lying around.

Mum was reading Glenna C's blog and found this site, she says it has loads of free patterns. I just rolled my eyes because all I need is Mum buying yet more yarn. That means less money for doggy munchies. No wonder I have to fall back on Chinese!

The Tiddlypeeps are going to the Grandpeeps tomorrow so I am going to catch up on my sleep. It's not easy having to entertain them by playing throw the ball. Do you know the amount of times I have to race up the garden to fetch it back for them so that they can throw it again. No wonder I have such short legs, I'm probably wearing them out.


Glenna C said...

I'm afraid I can't apologize for putting Elann on your radar, because the prices are just that good. ;) Hope it doesn't cut too much into the doggie treats!

Libbysmom said...

I want to do the Pacific Waves shawl from elann's. But I am not sure if it will be in the Rose Garden or maybe something blue. I change my mind all the time about colors.