Sunday, 10 June 2007

Stashing Up!

Mum has found a new yarn site Handpainted Yarn it's in Uruguay see info below.

Working closely with a cooperative of women in rural Uruguay we produce
wonderful handspun hand dyed yarn in inspiring colours. We also kettle dye soft
Merino roving for felting or spinning. Super soft Merino yarns, sophisticated
Novelty yarns, soft and fluffy Boucle yarn and various Himalayan fibers complete
our catalogue, great for the beginner or experienced knitter.
She bought this, hopefully for Queen of the Waves, she says it is like a summer sky (puts paws over eyes and shakes head)! I think she's lost it!

The site has been added to her favourites list of yarn shops, this is now so long it dangles off the bottom of the computer screen when she opens the folder!!!

Then she went to Elann (another on the fave list) and bought this Elann Super Kydd in Ice Blue to knit this Leaf and Acorn scarf. Bit of a 'blue' thing going on here methinks.

Of course these are only pictures from the sites so when the actual yarn comes Mum will post more pics.

She found Elann when she was visiting Glenna C. Mum says it is an amazing site with loads of free patterns and fantastic deals on yarn (that's all the excuse she needs to add to the growing yarn mountain in her knitting cupboard) she's been 'window shopping' for quite a while. Not that I'm bothered, it gave me the chance to catch up on some sleep, Dad's on nights and I'm in charge.

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