Monday, 4 June 2007

Spring in my Garden

I know that it's now Summer but it was Spring when Mum took these pictures, she's a bit slow at getting things posted sometimes!

As she is now thinking of taking some photographs of early Summer in my garden I thought you had better see the Spring ones first! I will try and take her in paw and get her to post things more quickly but it is not easy.

A shy little violet!

Apple blossom.

Something called Bridal Shower, I don't know the posh name! It is very pretty though.

Mum has now inherited a half finished pair of Little Bitty socks from her mum who started them and lost patience as they were a bit fiddly. This was a bit of a surprise to me as Nan used to knit for England, not really you understand, but she couldn't half knit-and read-and watch TV, all at the same time!!!!! She's nearly ninety now so I think her eyes get a bit tired sometimes. Anyway, Mum has cheated a bit and put a progress bar up for them that says 50% but she hasn't done the first sock, she's just got to do the second!

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