Sunday, 17 June 2007


Sorry Billy B and everyone out there, I have hi-jacked Billy's blog completely this time. The whole post is mine......all mine.

As I have a lot to show you I thought this would be the easiest way. I know that BB is a pretty amazing dog, but all this is knitting related, and so to block out the scathing remarks, little sneers and sniggers ( I have to type EXACTLY what he says you know) I thought I would take this dangerous route and live with the consequences!!!

Firstly, following a request from Kazza, I have taken some pictures of my progress on the Scotch Thistle Stole. I am really enjoying knitting this and after pinning it out slightly for the photographs, am even more pleased by the way it is looking. I think it will look pretty amazing when it is properly blocked, even if I do say so myself. I love the colours (Lorna's Laces Purple Iris) and am very impatient to get it finished, but as usual time and other unfinished projects are not on my side.

Next, my latest book purchases. Whilst on my usual round of blog reading I came across The Shetland Triangle shawl from Wrap Style, thank you Lara.
Also I came across the Counterpane Carpet Bag from Handknit Holidays, thanks to Rachel. Both very clever ladies and prolific knitters, they put my limited efforts to shame.

I found both of the books on Amazon and unfortunately my '1 click' order option was turned on. Wouldn't you know it, I only caught it accidentally! Well, actually I caught it twice by accident but as they were so close together it only counts as one, doesn't it? Before I could register what had happened they were both being delivered to my address!

These photographs of the Shetland Triangle haven't come out that brilliantly but if you check out Lara's finished projects there are some lovely pics of her daughter modelling the one she knitted. I now have to learn how to knit from a chart, any helpful suggestions appreciated.

The Counterpane Carpet Bag.
I think when I do it I will do it shorter than this, the pattern does give you that option. There is also a matching purse. I think that is what Rachel is doing, I love her choice of Noro Kureyon #95.

I also love these two, Evergreen Shawl on the left and Wisconsin Winter Stole on the right. My mum would find either of those useful I think.

If you read Billy's Stashing Up post you will know that I had just discovered Elann and placed an order. Well the Super Kydd arrived in less than a week from Canada! How good is that? I will definitely visit that site again. The price was very good considering I had to pay shipping, cheaper than some things I've had from within the UK.
I ordered Blue Mist and the colour is more grey than blue, but still lovely. I only have one problem now.

Originally I was going to use it for the Leaf and Acorn scarf, a free pattern from Elann (one of the many) see left. However the Knitty Summer mag is out YIPPEE!!!! So obviously I had to check it out didn't I? So I did, and I found this, above right and below. It's called Wisp and I love that too so now I might do that with my Super Kydd as I think it will be an easier 'pick up and put down' sort of knit. Decisions, decisions.

Well there you go. A whole Billyless post. I hope you forgive me Billster and can see why I did it. Hopefully some doggy munchies will pour oil on troubled waters and all will be peace in the household.
Until the next time that is!


Kazza said...

The Scotch Thistle stole is beautiful! I love the colours, excellent choice. Its really really lovely. I cant wait to start mine. Your new purchases look fab, especially the books - that Counterpane Carpet Bag looks ace.

Glenna C said...

Looks like a great batch of projects! The Super Kydd is one I have not tried yet but the wrap from Knitty is surely a great use for it. I'm glad your yarn arrived so quick to the UK, that's great to know in case I need to do more Elann PSAs ;) ;)

clarabelle said...

Scotch Thistle looks really beautiful! And interesting to see the Super Kydd... I was thinking of buying some too and also knitting the Wisp scarf/stole! Great minds, etc! Sorry, Billy B, back to you now....

clarabelle said...

Hope all is well?

How are you and Billy B?