Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The Billster is Back .........

............cue fanfare of trumpets and other triumphant celebrations!!

However, all is not as it was in my household, certain personal events have kept my Mum away from the keyboard and her knitting. Whilst she is now back typing for me her knitting needles remain idle.

Therefore my blog may have a different look for a while until she gets back into the swing of things.

Although I was always very important in my Mum's life I am now even more so and she has another name for me.

I am her main man!!!

I know this because when she gives me a cuddle, which, I have to say is quite often (well who could resist quite frankly), she says 'Billster you're my main man!' Sometimes she says Badgkin, but we'll gloss over that embarrassment!!
On the subject of resisting me, there is still a distinct lack of interest from blond, lady Afghans. I cannot fathom this at all as I am, as you know, extremely handsome and debonair (in a sort of rakish, devil-may-care sort of way). I model myself on Captain Jack Sparrow but as yet do not seem to have had his success with the ladies. Their loss is all I have to say!!

Little Mummy and George send their love. Little Mummy is getting very doddery now and is mostly blind and deaf. She sleeps for even loooooooonger but can still sort me out should I get too cheeky with her, she is still as beautiful as ever. George is my best mate and assistant in security, his bark does come in useful. Why have a dog and bark yourself, that's my opinion!!!!!

The tiddlypeeps are also well and my girl goes to big school next year. They are both practising for the X Factor competition at school but to be honest I can sing better than both of them! I don't hold out much hope of the prize money coming their way, but it's the taking part that counts. Which is all well and good if only they would practise somewhere down the far end of the beach!!!!!!!

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Kazza said...

Yay!!!! Welcome back!! We've missed you!! Hope you are ok x