Saturday, 17 November 2007

In Memory of my Little Mummy

Princess Tessica Jayne aka TJ 1990-2007

Hello everyone, this is a very hard post for me to write. We have another reason for remembering Remembrance Day because very sadly my Little Mummy passed away.

Little Mummy was 17 yrs old and we knew she was getting very frail but it was still a very big shock and there is a big hole in my life now, and in Big Mummy's.

Little Mummy was a princess and she will be very sadly missed. I was very lost for the first few days but I have had lots of cuddles from Big Mummy and she has had lots of cuddles from me, we have helped each other. Little Mummy was in this house when I came to live here and so it is very difficult because she had always been around. George is missing her too and although he always used to try and sneak in her bed (even though it is far too small for him) he won't go in it now.

TJ was a very independent dog and would only do something if she wanted to. My Mum taught her to sit but that was about it. She loved climbing and when she was younger would climb up behind my Mum on stepladders. She also had a go at the apple tree one day. TJ was a little dog with a very big personality, and I take after her. She will always be in our hearts and thoughts. We will miss her very, very much.

We are all very sad and upset and it has taken my Mum and I a while to write this post. Our family is having more than it's share of bad times at the moment.

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