Monday, 26 November 2007

Sorry Buster but I have another cyber mate........and he's a dog!

I'd like to introduce you to my new cyber mate, Lord Spudlington, or Spud to his mates. He is only two so I am going to set a good example to him. At this point, if I had emotes available I would insert the rofl one (Rolls On Floor Laughing). I don't think I have set a good example to anyone yet. I'm not a good example setting type of dog. As you can see from the picture below he has longer legs than me which can only be an advantage if we ever go on expeditions together. As I see it he can go for the table high stuff and I'll do the groundwork. As you have probably gathered, by expeditions I mean any occasion where food is involved, ie weddings and parties etc.

I would like to point out that he hasn't had an erotic experience lately (see an earlier post) so is not as streamlined as me. However, he is a very outdoorsy dog, and does need to keep warm.

You may be thinking that as an outdoorsy dog he is not as pampered as myself. Ha, ha, take a look at the pic below he is just as daft enjoys his comfort just as much as I do. Which is understandable with the big peeps we have to look out for. I think Spud and I should get together over a steak dinner one day and compare notes. Owning a person is not as easy at it looks you know!!!!

Spud has his own website with loads of photographs of him that his Dad took, you can visit it at

His Dad has a website too at which is well worth a visit because Spud's dad is a photographer and has lots of cool photo's on there.

So, Spud is nearly as famous as me!!

(For those of you who have read my blog for a while and know of my other cyber mate Buster Auntie Kazza's visiting cat, do not worry. I have room for more than one friend in my life (even though he is a cat)! )

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Kazza said...

Hello Billy! Buster has a message for you:

"Badgkin! I see you have a new buddy. I just want you to know after serious consideration (over a bowl of my favourite cat milk) I have decided its ok as your new pal is a canine. Just dont get any ideas of making friends with any cats or I will be very jealous! Your friend, Buster x x x x x"