Saturday, 10 November 2007

An Erotic Experience

This is an x-rated post, and as such should only be read by those of you who are over errrrrmm 10!!

I had a clip today. Have you ever had a clip? Because as experiences go that rates very highly.

Well it does in my book! You may have other ideas of what constitutes an erotic experience -please don't leave comments - I am young and impressionable. Plus I'm a dog and I can't read so it would be a waste of your time.

Anyway, I digress, my hair was getting a bit wild and woolly and when it get likes that I look as though I have gained a few pounds, which is not good. Mum noticed my discomfort, she's good like that (I am) and got the the clippers out. At this point I got very excited and started jumping about and looking extremely happy.

Mum put the No. 2 attachment on and we were good to go. You would not believe how good I am when I'm being clipped. The sensation of the clippers going along my back is very soothing, I just stand there and enjoy the experience. When Mum has finished I nudge her to ask her to go over me again, even if it's not cutting any hair off !

Unfortunately my hair doesn't grow that fast and so I am thinking of investing in a bottle of hair tonic. I figure that if I bath in it every day (yes I know a bath everyday will be a struggle!) I will need a clip every week wooooooo hooooooooo!!!!!

After my clip I am back to my usual self. Just sad the clip is over but glad to be looking like a racing snake again, ie slim in the hips and slinky!!!!!!!

Me relaxing in my muscle vest.

Power to dogs!!!

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Kazza said...

Oooh Billster! I can totally relate to this one, I feel exactly the same when Ive had my eyebrows waxed. You look very cute in your vest by the way!