Monday, 26 November 2007

Jeepers, Creepers .......

......where d'ya get those peepers.

My eyes are deep pools of mystery and, as such, come in very handy. This is because they are hypnotic and I have found that if I gaze adoringly at Mum for long enough I usually get what I want. This, as you can imagine, comes in very useful. Especially when it involves food!!!!
After a few minutes of my best meercat style of sitting, whilst looking extremely handsome I have to say, even the most hard hearted person has been known to crumble.

I have included a close-up pic so as you get the full force of my stare.

So, any of you out there who would like to send parcels of Billy snacks, please leave a comment and I'll be in touch.

Thanking you in anticipation.

The Billster.

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