Thursday, 10 May 2007

Purple Iris and River

Just look at what the postman delivered this morning, Mum's Lorna's Laces Purple Iris wool for the Scotch Thistle (bottom) and some more Lorna's Laces (shade River) that must have jumped into the shopping cart! There was also a Get Knitted pen and some Parma Violets in the parcel, (Mum has now eaten those). Mum is buying the River, I'd better say that in case Dad thinks he's bought that too.

More close up pics for those of you who drool over yarn,

and another close up. Mum says thanks to Kazza for helping her decide on the colour.

Now the River, mmmm, wonder why Mum bought this, what has she got in mind?

More River!!

Hope that is enough for all you yarn junkies out there.

I hope you have noticed that I did not pose for these pics as I have been far too busy on patrol due to the builders. Today they have taken a wobbly wall down and are putting up a fence, therefore my garden is exposed and there is a danger that I may escape!

Who am I kidding! Do you really think I would want to escape? My life is very cushy and I am not about to hit the streets, it's a jungle out there!

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