Tuesday, 8 May 2007

A Trying Day

Mum and Dad are having some work done on the house, which is fine, I don't have a problem with that. However, today two men arrived with a lorry load of scaffolding and they have been banging and tapping ALL day. They are putting scaffolding up over the garage, from the front of the house to the back.


How is a boy supposed to get;

  1. Any privacy as he is going about his business and
  2. Any sleep, with all this banging and tapping going on!

Now I am normally not one to complain, but this is a bit much. What about my handsome sleep? I expect this will continue for the next week or so as the builder is coming tomorrow to knock off all the stuff that is coming away from the wall and put up new stuff. More interruptions to my schedule! Added to this is the increased security risk, meaning extra work for yours truly as I have to step up perimeter control, and surveillance! There had better be a bit extra in my dinner bowl this week to compensate for all of this.
Little Mummy and George have slept through all of this, typical! The burden of responsibility is squarely on my shoulders!

Below is a picture of me showing you the progress on Mum's Feather and Fan scarf, it's not looking too bad is it? Mum likes the way the colours are coming up in solid bands at the edges and more speckled in the centre. This will probably show up more when it is finished and blocked (so she says!).

I think I may have a new friend, I use the term friend loosely as I haven't met him. I guess he is more of an 'e' friend. Kazza Mum's blog friend has adopted him (or rather he has adopted her). Yes, he is a cat but I am fairly open minded, as long as he doesn't want to visit and stays at the end of an e-mail I think I can cope.
I'm not too good with cats up close. If they dare to come into my garden I give them what for, but they are such scaredy cats (ha-ha) they climb up on my fence and shout insults from there.

Sorry I have to go now because Dad wants to get on the computer. Back soon with more news.

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