Monday, 9 April 2007

The Billster

Hello everyone out there.

This is my first post, done with a bit of help from my mum as paws aren't too good on a keyboard. Because of this I have employed her in a purely secretarial capacity, in other words, I talk and she types. I am, I have to say, a very extraordinary dog, as you will soon discover through reading my blog. My mum couldn't do without me, and wouldn't want too. To be honest I couldn't do without her either, who else would share their Cappuccino with me?

This blog will be a chance for me to air my observations on life, my mum (and her hobbies, mainly knitting and other crafts) and the view from the sofa.

There will be photograph's, when I learn how to put them on, but I don't do autographs.

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