Monday, 9 April 2007

Who's a clever boy then?

Look who's learnt how to put pictures onto his blog. And they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well 7 isn't old and from the looks of it ....... I learnt!

Plus I spend a lot of time laying next to my dad on the sofa while he plays with his laptop and pretends to be very busy. S0, it stands to reason I pick up the odd tip here and there. This is very useful for my mum as she is too busy making dad cups of tea or knitting!

So here are some knitty type things that my mum has done. These are her Opal Tiger socks. You can also see my mate George's nose. This was her first pair of socks ever, and the first thing she knitted on four needles.
She's only just started knitting you see, and because I am still debating whether or not I need a knitted dog coat, she has to practice on other things!

Now for the next item, more socks ......yawn!
These are Opal Musica and before you think it the little pair are DEFINATELY NOT FOR ME!
Firstly, I would need two pairs, secondly, no way Jose would I be seen in socks and thirdly, should I wish to wear socks they would be way, way too big for my paws!
They are actually for my mum's friend's grand-daughter to wear in her wellies.

All in all I haven't had a bad day. Apart from the shower this morning! Mum said I was getting a bit whiffy, how rude! I'm not keen on the shower bit, but I do like the hair dryer afterwards. That isn't common knowledge though so please keep it to yourself!

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