Tuesday, 10 April 2007


This is my beach. Not my own private beach unfortunately, but the beach that is five minutes away from my house. It's a very good place for walking, chasing seagulls, picnics in the summer and generally relaxing and watching the world go by. This picture was taken on a very cold day, you can tell by the colour of the sky that it wasn't very good weather. I decided against a paddle.

Sssshhhhh!!!! Here is my little mummy asleep. She spends a lot of time asleep because she is getting on a bit (she's 16!). Also she is pretending to be shy and covering her face with her paw. I think she looks cute. My little mummy is a Princess, her name is Tessica Jayne but she also answers to Princess TJ, Tessie Toes and Little Britches but mostly we call her TJ. She likes pink things so I told mum to write in pink just for her.

This is my mate George, you saw his nose yesterday! George really belongs to his boy who lives in Bristol, (not far from a very good LYS Get Knitted!), but he can't have George in his flat so I let him live at my house. George's boy is my mum's son. When he comes to stay George is very happy. George is sweet like chocolate, because he's a chocolate labrador cross.

This isn't a member of my family, just a cheeky sparrow picking up my hair to help make his nest. Good job I had a shower! I like to help out the local wildlife. I have got a pet sparrow who lost his mummy, his name is Fidget, he looks like this one but stays inside.

Now to the most important person, me of course. I just wanted to show you the enormous Easter egg that dad bought for mum. I think that when they say dogs aren't allowed chocolate because it makes them poorly, it is just so I can't have any.

I've had a bit of a lazy day today. Mum was very busy doing lots of sorting, clearing up and throwing out stuff. She called it spring cleaning, I kept well out of the way. Mum is off work this week so is catching up on some jobs. She hasn't done any knitting for two days! She was very pleased this morning because the postman brought her the Fall 2006 KnitScene magazine she bought from the USA. She wants to knit something called a Central Park Hoodie. Next time I will tell you more about mum's knitting. Between you and me she's not a very quick knitter, but she is getting better. Plus she doesn't have that much time to knit because of all the other things she has to do.
I'm off for my tea now, see you next time.

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