Monday, 16 April 2007

A Trip to the Doctors and Some Knitting News

Today Little Mummy (TJ) had to go to the Doctors in the car. She doesn't go in the car very often because she doesn't travel very well. Unlike me who loves the car and goes on long expeditions with Mum, Dad and the tiddlypeeps. Anyway back to Little Mummy, she had to go for a stingy needle thing and a check up. The Dr said that her heart was very good for her age, which was very good news. She had her toenails cut, which she hates having done, so she was very, very wriggly and slightly cross. She has also lost a bit of weight so has got to have more carbohydrates with her dinners, good job she likes rice and pasta!
Then it was time for Lightning Jack (Mum's rabbit) to have his teeth trimmed, he was very good too. Lightening Jack is a wild rabbit (who is now very tame), Dad found him paralysed when he was a baby so he came to live with me and my family. Now his legs are all better and he can run very fast, that's where he got his name from.

Now on to my Mum and her knitting. She finished the Dreamcatcher socks, seen below with me. More of me than the socks, but hey, you've seen three pairs of Mum's socks already and there could be more to come!

Because look what I found in Mum's stash cupboard!!!!!!!!

Five, yes FIVE , balls of sock yarn!!!!!!!

From the left,

  • Opal Rainforest Frog
  • Opal Rainforest Peacock
  • Opal Rodeo
  • Opal Dreamcatcher
  • Opal Crazy

I didn't know peacocks lived in rainforests, so I think that is a pretty silly name. The colours are good though.

So, which one do you think that Mum should knit next? Anyone out there please comment because Dad is getting fed up of being asked to choose one and Mum saying 'Oh, I didn't want you to pick that one!'

After my trying to sneak off with the Lorna's Laces the other day, and Mum being ashamed of not starting it, look what is now on the needles. Mind you Mum keeps muttering about not being sure if she likes the way it is knitting up.

Something about the strong contrast of the cream with the other colours!!! Don't ask me, I'm just the model. What do you think? Since taking the photo Mum has knitted a bit more and is still ot sure!

I'm off for some handsome sleep now, one day that blonde Afghan may come along and I need to be ready for her!


Libbysmom said...

This is what I think. If your going to do one color do the Dreamcatcher. If you want to mix it up I would do the Crazy and the frog Or the crazy and the peacock. So then you could call "Crazy Frog" or "Crazy Peacock" Socks. That's just me and my crazy ideas. What did Billy say?

Kazza said...

I think you should let Billy choose the yarn for the next pair of socks - see which yarn takes his fancy! I felt a bit like that when I was knitting my forest canopy shawl too, it did get better as I got more done though, see what you think.