Thursday, 12 April 2007

A Little Unfinished Business

Hi there, I thought I'd show you a bit more of Mum's knitting, or rather Mum's unfinished knitting. She is very good at starting projects and then getting sidetracked by other more enticing items that come along. She doesn't agree with me on that though, how strange.

I think I'll let her explain this little pile of goodies.

The Freedom Spirit tank (on the right, shade Bliss) is the second one I'm doing so it's not quite so exciting as the first and it's just stocking stitch. However it was going along quite nicely until I got caught by the sock virus.

All knitters know about the sock virus.
  • Stage 1 Me, knit a sock, why? Who knits socks these days?
  • Stage 2 Everyone else has got the virus why haven't I.
  • Stage 3 OMG I've caught the virus, I want sock yarn NOW
  • Stage 4 I haven't got any socks on the go, PANIC

So the moral of that is you should always have a pair of socks 'on the go'. (Opal Dreamcatcher socks)

The baby cable sweater I had to start before the baby was no longer a baby. Even now I have done a larger size so I will get it finished before this happens. Also most people knit first sizes and I wanted to do something for when she was a bit older.

(Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, Pink) My first ever go at cables!

See, there is logic behind my bits of unfinished business!

Not sure if I believe all that, sounds far too like excuses to me, but if it keeps her happy, I'm happy.

Just one more thing though, what's this? Obviously yet another project in the making!!!!

Think I'll sneak off with this before Mum notices.

Lorna's Laces sock wool shade Seaside. very gorgeous!!

Apparently that's for a Forest Canopy Shawl, that was supposed to be started at the same time as Kazza's (look for the post on the 15th Feb)and obviously wasn't!!

Mum says that she is still going to do it!!

I should think that will be round about the same time as I take up knitting!!!!

Just thought you'd like to see one more pic of yours truly, pointing helpfully to the project I think needs to be finished first.


rachel iufer said...

that lorna's sock yarn looks beautiful! i love those colors. and your cables look perfect, nice work for a first cable project!

As for yarn substitution for the CPH, I didn't use the recommended yarn, but one that was very similar. it's called peace fleece and i bought it from and they charge $15 for shipping to the UK plus they are rather speedy. As far as rowan yarns, it seems like the scottish tweed aran would work. a word of advise if you do buy the peace fleece, it's pretty roughly spun wool and can be itchy.

good luck finding the perfect yarn!

Kazza said...

The cable sweater looks fab, and I love the Opal Dreamcatcher socks, I might have to get some more sock yarn now Ive seen that! Cant wait for you start the forest canopy shawl, I love the Lornas Laces youve chosen, the colours are gorgeous.

Libbysmom said...

I just saw your comment on "I dream of knitting". I was also thinking about starting the CPH after seeing Rachel's. But I have made a deal with myself. I will only have one project on needles. That is after I finish all the other projects already on needles. I will start one someday though. One question for you, How did you get your progress bars, did you make them yourself or did you go to a site to get them? Ive been wanting some but could never find them. Ok ..have to go now babies are crying and Im almost crazy.

Libbysmom said...

Ok only one more question. That's a lie I will have a ton more questions. When you added the progress bar to your blog what page element did you add? I just can't figure out which one of those Im suppose to use. If you don't remember that's cool.