Saturday, 14 April 2007

The Unwanted Scarf

Let me tell you the sad tale of the above.

One weekend George's boy came to visit, he very kindly drove Mum to the LYS where she purchased Freedom Spirit wool in the shade Storm to knit a multi-directional scarf. George's boy looked at and FELT the wool and said that he LIKED the colour.

So Mum thought that without George's boy knowing she would knit the scarf for him and leave the fringe off. Then she would send it off to Bristol as a surprise.

Mum worked devotedly on the scarf, and I should know, seeing as how my favourite spot in the whole world is next to my Mum on the sofa, and seeing as how I was under that particular wool while she was devotedly knitting it!!!

When the scarf was finished she wrapped it very carefully and sent it off on it's way to George's boy, thinking all the time how pleased he would be and how warm and snuggly he would be.

Aaaaahhh! I hear you all think, what a lovely story.


George's boy rang up and said 'I don't really like the colour Mum'
(What! Thought Mum, you told me you liked it.) then he said 'It's a bit itchy too' (What! Thought Mum, you felt it.)

So then my poor Mum started to weep uncontrollably into her lace trimmed handkerchief (she didn't really that's to add to the drama!), while George's boy apologised profusely and begged to be forgiven (he didn't do that either. Well, he did apologise but didn't do the begging bit, more drama).

My poor Mum is still traumatised by the whole thing and has not knitted a scarf since. She hasn't even got a picture to post as it was done before I started my blog. But maybe somewhere out there George's boy will see this and send it back so Mum can post a picture, and I will wear the scarf!!
(You will then have to ignore the answer to the random question in my profile.)

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